What to wear to the US Supreme Court?

A few weeks ago, the Supreme Court agreed to hear oral arguments in the landmark case of Hobby Lobby Stores v. Sebelius. 

The court is likely to rule in favor of the owners of the chain’s religious objections to the Affordable Care Act, and it’s the latest decision to make the US’s most conservative justices more liberal. 

In this case, the owners have sued the government over a provision of the law that bars them from using contraceptives for employees and their dependents. 

Since the Supreme court’s 2015 Hobby Lobby decision, the number of cases filed to defend the religious objection protections of the ACA has more than doubled, from 614 to more than 8,000. 

While the ruling has been hailed as a victory for the religious right, the justices will be closely watching the ruling as it relates to other businesses, including corporations and individuals, who have sued over the ACA. 

As the ruling is being heard, the Hobby Lobby case will likely play out before the court’s conservative justices, who are currently split 4-4 on the issue. 

With that in mind, we’re here to give you the Top 10 Supreme Court Picks for the Year 2017.

The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Pick The Hobby Lanier Supreme Court JudgeThe Supreme Court nominee for the Hobby Laniness case, Neil Gorsuch, is likely the most high profile and high profile choice for this year’s pick.

The nominee was confirmed unanimously by the Senate, and he’s the first sitting justice to receive the nomination.

The judge, Neil Bresnahan, has served on the D.C. Circuit for 10 years and is the author of a number of important rulings on issues such as the health insurance coverage mandate and campaign finance. 

He’s the same judge who ruled that the government cannot force employers to provide their workers with birth control, and has also blocked a provision in the Affordable Healthcare Act that would have expanded Medicaid eligibility. 

Gorsuch is an excellent choice for the court because of his judicial credentials, and his judicial philosophy is that the courts are not limited by political ideologies or partisan affiliations.

He’s also known for being outspoken, and this past year he criticized President Donald Trump’s recent travel ban on six Muslim-majority countries. 

“We should not have a political climate in which people who are perceived to be intolerant, who hold intolerant views, can come to the court and use that as a vehicle for imposing their views on others,” Gorsuch said in a speech last week.

“That’s not what our democracy is about.”

The Supreme Breyer Supreme Court JusticeThe Supreme court nominee for this case is a lawyer by trade. 

After graduating from the University of Michigan Law School, he clerked for Judge John Roberts, who became the first to win the U.S. Supreme Court seat.

He is the same jurist who authored the majority opinion in the Hobby and Conestoga case, which is one of the most significant cases on the Affordable Health Care Act. 

His nomination has not received much attention because it has not been a high profile case, but this year he’s been one of four confirmed justices to the bench. 

If confirmed, he would be the third sitting justice from the Democratic Party to be confirmed for the Supreme level. 

Additionally, he will be the second woman to serve on the court, joining Justice Elena Kagan. 

It is likely that his nomination will be delayed until the end of the year, but the Supreme Breyers are a staunch supporters of the Affordable health care law and will likely make a decision soon on whether to grant the company’s request to delay the case. 

On the other hand, there is little doubt that Gorsuch will be confirmed, but it will take the full court votes of the justices to do so. 


Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court Supreme Court pickA few weeks back, the White House nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to serve as the new Supreme Court justice. 

This was a bold move by the Trump administration, and one that was met with criticism from conservatives and some Democrats.

Gorschons nomination was met in large part by a wave of protests that were led by former President Barack Obama.

In a letter to President Trump, the Republican senators wrote that the president had shown a lack of judgment when it came to selecting a jurist from the “radical left.” 

“You have shown no interest in this court, no regard for the work of this court’s conservatives, no respect for the Constitution and the law, and no interest at all for the courts we have nominated and confirmed,” they wrote. 

A lot of people expected Gorsuch to be nominated by a Republican, but Democrats and even some members of his own party took exception to his nomination.

Democrats took to Twitter to express their anger at the choice, with Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) saying that the pick is a “travesty of justice” and that he will not vote for Gorsuch.