I’ll buy a pair of Birkenstock Shoes (and a pair in the colors of Sperry) as soon as the price drops

Sperrys have long been the favorite footwear of fashion and fashion aficionados alike, with its signature red leather upper, wide-soled shoes, and the distinctive svelte fit.

However, now, the company is getting into the sneakers business as well, announcing that it will sell its sneakers in a variety of colors to retailers like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, among others.

The brand’s latest sneakers, available in black, brown, and yellow, are the latest offering from the brand’s Yeezy line, which debuted last year.

The shoes will be available in September for $160, a price that will be $150 less than the price of the current price point of $199.

Sperries also launched a new range of sneakers last month called the Yeezys.

They will be sold for $220, which will be a price drop of $50 from the current $220.

For $160 more, you can get the same range of shoes in brown, black, and tan.

If you want the latest sneakers and sneakers with matching shoes, Sperrian has a range of matching footwear, as well.

The company is also adding a new color for sneakers to its range, which is called Yeeboules, which stands for “Yeezy.”