How to Wear a Crocs-Belt Laptop Pants

Crocs’ pants have been around for years, and in the past year they’ve gotten a little more fashion-forward.

Now the brand is offering a pants collection with the addition of an “Airmax” backpack, which the company says makes the pants “the perfect way to travel” while on the road.

The Airmax backpack, a product of Crocs, includes a water-resistant shell, a water bottle pocket, a laptop pocket, and an external mesh pocket.

It will retail for $200, and the Airmax collection is available now for preorder on

The new Crocs Airmax Pants are made with a mesh shell and are a good option for a laptop on the go, according to Crocs spokesperson Stephanie Ritz.

They are comfortable enough for most people, and you can wear them to work or on the weekend when traveling.

They also fit snugly on most legs, and there is plenty of room in the waistband for extra pockets, Ritz said.

“This bag is designed to take on all types of adventures,” Ritz told National Review.

“It’s not designed to go with every outfit, and it’s designed to stay out of the way while you travel.”

The Crocs team is touting the AirMax bag as a more versatile option than other Crocs pants.

The bag has two zippered compartments that can be zipped together, and a zippier waistband allows for easy access to the pockets.

It also has a padded shoulder strap and a zipper closure that makes it easy to carry around.

The backpack, on the other hand, has a mesh mesh pocket that can open and close on the fly, and is designed for use with either a laptop or a phone.

“With the Air Max Pants, you have two options when it comes to wearing these pants: You can wear a laptop in the back, or you can take on any adventure with the AirMAX backpack,” Riz said.

If you need a second option, Riz added, “you can also choose to add a third layer of protection in the form of a waterproof jacket, which will keep your legs dry and your laptop dry.”