When Shaq and Converse came together, Nike didn’t need a platform

On Thursday, Shaq was the face of the sneaker brand.

The two men were the faces of Nike for the next seven years.

They were the stars of the brand and its global brand ambassador, a title Shaq wore for five of those years, but he didn’t have a platform.

So Nike had to find a way to put him in the shoes of its biggest star, one he would eventually leave to sign with Nike.

The sneakers that Shaq wears now are from the company’s newest shoe, the Converse Premier 9.1.

That’s the shoe that the NBA has been talking about as the shoe to get Shaq back in the league, but it’s not the one Shaq would have worn in the past.

It’s the sneak that Shaquas most trusted shoe.

And it’s a shoe that, according to Nike’s Chief Creative Officer for footwear, Eddy Cue, Shaques trusted the most.

“Shaq and I had a great relationship for a long time,” Cue said.

“He loved it, I loved it.

I just thought we should be able to do it.

He’s a true believer in the idea that we can make something that he wants to wear, and that he likes, and the shoe we put him with is the shoe he wants.”

And he did.

When Nike started the shoe campaign for Shaq, it was Shaq who was the one to decide which sneakers to put on the market.

He and Nike didn´t agree on what shoes would be released, but both sides were adamant that the shoes that Shaqs sneakers would be made from.

He liked the Nike Zoom Air and the Nike Xtra, but Shaqu was not comfortable with either.

“I would say I had three or four pairs of shoes that were on the list,” he said.

“One of them was the Xtra.

I would have loved to have that,” he added.

“It was the shoe I would buy, and I would say the shoe, if I were a player, I would pick the shoe.

I love the Nike, I love their branding, I want to be a part of it, and it was the second shoe, but the Nike is not the best shoe.””

The second shoe I wanted to put out was the Nike Pro.

I love the Nike, I love their branding, I want to be a part of it, and it was the second shoe, but the Nike is not the best shoe.”

So, after years of talks, Shaqs sneaker finally landed.

It was a pair of Nike Zoom Pros.

It came with the message, “I will not compromise.

I will not accept any price.”

Nike says it took time to find the perfect shoe for Shaqus image.

They chose the shoe in the same year Shaq signed with the company, and a year after Shaq had left the NBA.

That shoe was a Pro, but with a different color scheme and a more neutral colorway.

“That shoe was going to have the silhouette of the NBA,” said Cue.

“We wanted to create the shoe as much as we could.”

Nasco was the first shoe to be released.

“What they did with the shoe is a total reimagining,” Cue explained.

“They wanted to make it the Nike brand, the look of the shoe and the look the shoe would have.

And that was a big step for us, because we are a brand that is going to be around forever.”

The shoe, of course, had to be comfortable.

Nike chose the same black upper and black heel panel of the Pro, and there was a Nike branding on the side of the heel.

“So it is an athletic shoe,” said the Chief Creative, “that has an athletic look and a casual look to it.”

But Nike needed something else to be great.

Nike needed to create a shoe for basketball players, but they also needed to make sure Shaq could play.

The shoes were supposed to be his most comfortable shoe, so they chose a Nike Flyknit upper, but there was one big problem.

Nike’s own research found that if Shaq played with a shoe in which the upper was not supportive enough, it would make Shaq uncomfortable.

“You want a shoe where you feel like your feet are really touching,” said Nike’s Cue.

So Nike went to the world of research.

They looked at the best basketball players of all time and tried to find something that ShaQ could wear with a sneaker.

“When we looked at Kobe Bryant, we wanted to look at the way he played and the way his body moved,” said Chris Duhon, the Chief Marketing Officer of Nike’s basketball footwear.

“And when we looked, we looked very closely at Shaq.

And we said, we have a player that is the best player of all-time, and if he’s going to wear a shoe, then it