Nike says it will discontinue women’s shoes for the first time in 10 years, but you can still buy men’s shoes online

Nike says women’s shoe sales for the second half of the year will be down 15% compared with last year.

The company will also be discontinuing men’s and women’s basketball shoes for women and men from mid-2019, with women’s footwear for the rest of the period.

Nike is not commenting on the details of the changes, but said that for the past three years, women have been “most successful” at winning basketball shoe sales, but that they were “still not a market leader” and would need to “be a leader in the future.”

This year, Nike said that it would make a series of investments in its women’s sports, including investing in the NBL, the NCAA and the National Basketball Players Association.

The shoe company said that its plans to discontinue its women in sports line were driven by its “increasingly diverse” business.

Nike has invested heavily in women’s and minority business, and will focus more on its women and minority brands, Nike’s chief marketing officer and senior vice president of corporate communications, Lauren Brown, said in a statement.