What the heck are super shoes?

What the hell are super sneakers?

They look like super work shoes, but they’re really just shoes designed to help you walk.

Super shoes have a variety of uses, including running, jogging, and even walking on your hands.

They also are perfect for long-distance hiking, cycling, and other activities.

Here’s how you can get started.


Get an inexpensive pair of super shoes.

The most popular super shoe brands include: Nike, Adidas, Adidas+ and Reebok.


Use them to walk on your feet.

If you’re a runner, consider a pair of the super sneakers that the Nike running shoes have.


Get your super shoes from a store.

Some super shoes are available online and in stores, while others are sold by mail-order.


Get a pair in color.

Colors like pink, black and brown work well for hiking and biking, but don’t look too bad on the beach or in the garden.


Add super to your workout routine.

Wear a pair each day to work, school or play.


Wear them while exercising.

Super shoes are great for jogging and walking on the road.


Play with your super sneakers.

If your child loves playing with his super shoes, try taking them with you on a run or on a bike ride.


Go for a ride with your kids.

Kids love the look of these super shoes on their feet.


Keep your super shoe collection fresh.

If it’s too expensive, buy new super sneakers to add to your collection.


Go shopping for super shoes in your neighborhood.

If super sneakers are the only shoes you wear on your body, you may be tempted to buy them at the local hardware store.

But remember that if you have to wear them in public, you should wear your regular sneakers.


Get some free super shoes for your gym.

If the gym is a big enough place to have regular running sessions, try using super sneakers for some of your workout workouts.


Get super shoes at a flea market.

If there’s an affordable way to get a pair, try a fleas market to sell your super-sneakers to the throngs of customers who come to your gym or your favorite fitness center.


Get ready for winter.

Use super shoes to help keep you warm.


Get in the mood for spring.

If winter has arrived, grab a pair or two of super sneakers and get ready to step outside and see what spring has in store.


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