New design from Nike shoes gives ‘safer’ shoes for people with disability

Next Big Futures says Nike is the first major brand to make a new product designed specifically for people who are blind or have visual impairments.

Nike’s new Shoes For The Blind is a lightweight pair of shoes that are meant to be worn while walking or cycling, and are meant for people on a disability income.

It comes after research by US scientists showed that people who have visual impairment often suffer more serious problems in everyday life.

It was the first time a company had been able to design a shoe specifically for them.

“Our research showed that the majority of people on disability are more physically active than their peers,” said the company’s head of global innovation, Chris Pizzorno.

“We wanted to make sure our shoes would offer the same level of protection as the other shoes on the market.”

Nike said its shoes are designed with a flexible material in mind, and offer a more secure fit than shoes that use a standard mesh shell.

They are made with the same materials as those used in Nike+ shoes, which are designed for people to wear on their feet without a support structure.

Nigerian fashion brand Saa Saa says its shoes have the same look and feel as those made by Nike, but offer a range of features, such as a removable heel, an adjustable sole and flexible sole.

Nikes shoes are meant primarily for people in the US and Canada, and can be purchased at the Nike store or online.

But in other parts of the world, including the UK, Canada and France, the company is starting to make the shoes for overseas customers.

The shoes come in a range from two to 10 pairs, depending on the type of disability.

The first shoe is a basic pair of trainers with no shoes, but it comes with a soft fabric and comes in a choice of black, white or grey. 

The second shoe is designed for a person with a vision impairment.

It is made with leather, which is lightweight and flexible, but the company says it has “no other materials for the sole”.

The shoes are made from leather, but they do not have any shoes, a shoe and a support system in the same package. 

A third shoe is for a sighted person with special needs.

Nuggets shoes have a similar design to Nike’s shoes, with a foot-shaped sole, and the sole is flexible.

“There is no support structure for the shoe, it’s all made out of elastic and it’s comfortable to wear,” Pizzotto said.

“It’s designed for those who are not comfortable wearing shoes because of a disability, but there are no other shoes for them, they can wear them with confidence.” 

Nike says the shoes are the first of their kind and offer “an innovative and versatile design”.

“We are excited to partner with Nike on this project, and have been working with them on this for some time, and we look forward to sharing more details on their new shoes as they develop,” Pizorno said.