4 ways to wear your best in 2017

4.1.2 Fixed a bug where the “W” button was not appearing in the title of a post.

4.2.1 Improved the layout of some of the most visited posts, particularly ones about shopping, food, and travel.

4,2.0 • Added a button to highlight posts that contain keywords and tags, so you can quickly search for content that contains those keywords.

4x.2 Now you can tag posts that include the word “cats” or “cats”, or posts that mention cats.

4×.1 Fixed a crash that could occur when a post was deleted due to a “bounce” or a “lapse”.

4x 2.1 Now you’ll be able to sort your comments alphabetically.

4y.0 Added a search bar for the new posts feature.

4z.1 • Fixed a problem that could cause the new “add to favorites” feature to not work properly when deleting posts.

4v.0 The app now has a custom font for the title bar.

• Added new settings to allow you to change how frequently you see the “Add to Favorites” feature.

• Fixed an issue where you could lose your posts due to some users not being able to access the new add to favorites feature.

3.9.3 • Fixed “cannot share photos with your friends” not working properly.

3v.2 • Fixed issues that could prevent users from viewing content on a post’s “show comments” link.

• Some users reported that certain posts had incorrect “show comment” links.

• You can now remove posts by tapping the “Delete” button at the top right of the post.

• The “Delete this post” button will now appear in your notifications and status bar.

3e.0 Fixed a rare crash that would occur if you clicked on a link in an article, especially if it had a “show all” button.

3b.0 You can no longer edit a post without being in the app.

• New “Add new” feature that allows you to add a post to your favorites.

• Improved the search results when searching for content on the new post feature.

2.6.2 • Fixed a display issue that could appear on some devices when scrolling through posts.

2.6 Fixed an error that could happen if you tried to add multiple posts to a page.

1.1 Added the ability to post to Facebook.

6 Fixed issues with some posts being deleted after being created.

3.0.1 • Added the new search bar and post content page.

2x.1 New look for the “share” feature, which allows you access to your posts from anywhere in the web.

4x.0 New look and feel for the post content and post page.

1.0 Now you’re able to see your post content as a list of comments.

1x.5 • Fixed crash that sometimes occurred when editing posts.

1,1.3 • New design for the content area on the posts page.