How do Fila shoes for men look on the beach?

A new set of Fila shoe designs from Japanese designer Fila has been revealed on Instagram.

The images show what is presumably the silhouette of the new Fila footwear and feature the signature shape of the shoe, but there’s a good chance they also show a few other details.

Some of the details include:- a “diamond shaped heel” which looks like it’s on a diamond-shaped shoe, like in the image above- a black sole- a metallic finish- a high-top-style back strapThis looks like the silhouette is a Fila signature, so we’d expect it to be similar to the ones seen in a lot of other Fila products.

It’s worth noting that the company hasn’t released a single photo of the shoes yet, so this could be a few weeks off.

However, if it’s real, it would certainly be a huge improvement to the company’s other shoes.

Fila launched their first range of shoes in 2011 and has since expanded into more footwear, but it’s always hard to say whether the shoes are actually as good as the first ones.

Fila have not responded to requests for comment.

Source: Instagram