Nike CEO unveils the next step in footwear: Altra shoes

Nike CEO Mark Parker has unveiled the next steps in footwear for the company.

Altra, Parker said at the unveiling, will be the next shoe to become an “advance, aspirational, and innovative” offering, as opposed to just a “fashion brand.”

The first shoe in the Altra line is the Altitude, a sneaker that features a lightweight midsole and is designed to be comfortable for the athlete.

The shoes will be available in two colorways, white and black, with a grey colorway to be announced in the future.

Altitude shoes will cost $120 for men and $90 for women.

The shoe is also available in men’s and women’s versions, which are priced at $110.

The second shoe in Parker’s line is a shoe with a higher price point: the Altar, a shoe that is a lighter version of the Altus, but with more cushioning and better traction for the foot.

Parker said the Altare shoes are going to be a “big step” forward for the Altamax line, which will be released in spring 2018.

The Altar is a $180 shoe, while the Altars Altar Lite and Altar 2 are $140 shoes.

Altar Lite shoes are available in three colorways: white, black, and grey.

They will be a pair of lightweight, minimalist shoes that will cost a bit more than the Altairs Altar and Altares Altar shoes, but offer better performance, according to Parker.

The Altare 2 shoes are a pair with a premium, black color that will be sold separately.

They come in three sizes: men’s, women’s, and children’s.

The men’s Altare Lite is available in sizes 12 to 17.