When it comes to the best walking shoe for the winter, the Best Selling Shoes list isn’t really for you

We all know the feeling of a good pair of socks that you put on, grab and move about.

We know it’s hard to get comfortable in winter and the winter months aren’t usually as exciting as the summer.

What’s really not fun is having to keep switching socks.

So what do you do?

In our quest to find the best pair of winter walking shoes, we looked at the shoes that we all know and love, but didn’t necessarily know were the best for winter walking.

We also looked at some of the shoes we’ve heard about, but never tried and tried to actually buy.

Then we asked our readers to give us their top five favorite winter walking shoe choices and we tallied up the results.

If we didn’t get a solid number of votes, we were able to get a few more votes and include those.

What we found is that many of the top ten choices for winter shoes are really good choices for the fall and winter months.

Here’s what we found.

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