Why the ‘Shoes for Boys’ Shoes Are Made to Be Men’s Shoes

Shoe makers are using the “boys” in their business as a marketing tool to lure young boys to the industry.

Many shoe companies are creating “shoes” with men’s names in order to appeal to their demographic, but others are simply rebranding shoes with women’s names to get the boys to pay more for them.

The shoes that men are buying, however, are often men’s shoes made by men.

The New York Times recently ran a story on men’s footwear, and the article said that in 2016, men’s shoe sales increased by about 20 percent year over year.

However, a recent study found that while men’s shoemaking grew, women’s shoes sales declined by 20 percent in 2016.

Shoe manufacturers have been experimenting with the idea of creating “mens” shoes for boys, and they are also using the idea to try and gain a foothold in the growing market for women’s shoe designs.

A recent report from the research firm IDC showed that while the share of men in the U.S. is growing, it is only about 9 percent of the men in shoes, and a whopping 78 percent of men buy sneakers.

Men’s shoe companies aren’t necessarily trying to change the perception of men as “girly” or “manly,” according to a spokesperson for Men’s Shoe Brands, but rather to get men to pay for their shoes.

“There is no way to make a shoe for everyone, and we don’t want to change our appeal to a certain segment,” said Dan Stavins, chief marketing officer at Men’sShoes.

“But with the growing demand for men’s products and the fact that men have been using the same shoes for decades, it’s a very natural progression to think that we need to be able to offer them a better shoe for the same price.”

The spokesperson added that men’s brands have also taken on other “manish” roles in their marketing, like providing men with men-friendly products and products that have a “man” feel.

“The idea that it’s okay to dress up and have fun in your underwear and be a guy is an antiquated one,” Stavin said.

“We want to offer men’s apparel and accessories that are fun to wear and are a little bit of a manly touch.”

The spokesman added that while he doesn’t think that the “shoe for boys” trend is “bad” in the traditional sense, “I don’t think we’ve reached that point yet.”

The brand that has been using this marketing strategy for years is Men’s Wearhouse.

The company is known for making men’s suits, jackets, and coats.

In 2016, Men’swear, which has been making its mark in the men’s fashion market for more than a decade, began introducing a line of men’s jeans, which are made in a “slim, modern style,” and also sell for less than the more expensive men’s brand.

The jeans have been available for a few years now, and in 2017, the brand sold its first men’s suit.

In 2017, MenSwear started to focus on men in their 50s, and these suits are now available in sizes that fit between men’s and women’s sizes.

“Men have always been more interested in fashion than they are in the products they wear,” said Tom Cates, the company’s chief brand officer.

“In a way, men are trying to reinvent themselves in a way that’s really about how they look and how they feel.

It’s about what they’re comfortable with.”

Cates said that the brand’s new line of MenSuits will be a mix of “traditional” and “man’s” styles, but the “man-ness” of the suits will remain the same.

MenSuit has launched in different sizes for men in 2017 and is expected to launch in 2018.

The new styles are also meant to be tailored for men who are in their 60s and 70s.

The Men’sSuit line is also known for using the brand name Men’s Fit, which means that it is meant to reflect a look that is “sportier” than other brands, according to the spokesperson.

The spokesperson said that while Men’sFit doesn’t specifically target the “macho” or masculine side of the market, they do “have a certain amount of marketing power.”

“It’s not about making a man out of you,” Cates added.

“It is about the person that you are as a man.”

The “sporting” part of the name has helped Men’ss Fit stand out from other men’s clothing brands.

According to the company, “souvenirs for men are a big part of our mission and are always designed to make sure you have something to wear that will fit you.

Our MenSues are the perfect way to keep your style simple, stylish and unique.” The