Cycle shoe review: Cogy Cycles Cycles Cogys Cogyders Cycles XC Sport series shoe is the first to feature a new mesh construction and a more premium look

By now, you’ve probably heard of Cogya Cycles.

The Canadian company is best known for the Cogies popular cyclocross shoes, but the company also makes a range of cyclocool shoes as well as some more premium products.

This new Cogytec CogxCycle series shoe was developed by Cogia in collaboration with Cycles International and will be available in three colours, Black, Grey and Gray.

There are also a couple of other colours available.

The shoe has a lightweight mesh construction, which is an innovation from the brand.

It has a rubber outsole and a mesh outsole for traction.

The mesh insole has a more pronounced toe drop than previous Cycles models.

The outsole is also slightly narrower than the previous CycloCup model.

The shoes are expected to hit stores this month.

It looks like the shoes will be more expensive than other Cycles shoes, although we’re not sure what the cost will be yet.

As always, if you’re looking for a great pair of cycling shoes, check out our review of the CycloCycle Cycles 5 Series shoes.