Adidas womens shoe launches in Italy

Adidas, the parent company of the Nike and Yeezy brands, has announced the launch of the womens footwear line in Italy.

The line, called Adidas Originals, will include an all-white line, which is expected to launch in June.

This is the first time Adidas Origins has been released outside of Japan and Australia, and comes after the release of a womens line in France in 2016.

Adidas Originations is also expected to be the first womens-specific shoe to launch outside of China.

The womens Originals range will include a range of models that are similar to the women lines in the US, including the adidas Originals NMD (black/grey/grey) and adidas Original (black).

The womans Originals line is expected in July.

“With the launch in Italy, we are thrilled to be able to create the first line of womens womens brand shoes that are exclusive to Italy,” said Adriana Fortunato, CEO of Adidas Origines.

“We are working on creating a global line for the next few years that will include womens silhouettes that are truly unique.”

The Originals womens range will be priced at around €300 ($385) and will debut in July at select retailers.

In a statement, the company said it had taken a risk with the womans line.

“The womens business model has changed dramatically over the past decade and has changed a lot in Italy over the last couple of years,” said Fortunatello.

“In the past, it was very expensive to design womens fashion lines in Italy due to the large budget that Adidas had to invest.

This time around, we decided to go global and not make the same mistakes again.

It was a risk that we had to take and we have learned a lot from the experience.”

Adidas Origains has a long history of women shoes.

The Origins range launched in 2012 with a range that included the adiOriginals NID (black, grey, grey/grey), adi Originals OG (black) and the Originals XXL (black and grey).

The Origens womans range is expected launch in July 2019.

The first womans womens model was released in Japan in 2017 with the adis Originals X-Men.

Adidas has also released womens models for women and children.

The adidas womans shoes were released in 2016, with the Origins X-Girls.

In 2018, the womns Originals Originals models were introduced in the UK, where they were the first in the world to launch.