How to get the best of both worlds with the best men’s and women’s sneakers

With men’s shoes typically selling for more than $200, a new pair of Burberry’s newest shoes may seem like a bargain at $250.

But you won’t find the same level of comfort in these new sneakers.

Burberry announced on Friday that its next generation of sneakers will feature a specially engineered “comfort zone” that will give them better cushioning.

The new cushioning comes in two variations: a lower and a higher cushioning layer, Burberry says.

The lower layer is made of a specially designed mesh that allows for a greater level of flexibility and the cushioning to be more stretchy.

The higher layer is composed of polyurethane foam and is made from a thicker material, which makes the cushion easier to bend.

The cushioning is also made from soft synthetic materials that help it absorb sweat.

This makes the new shoes even more comfortable.

But that comfort comes at a price, according to Burberry.

The company says the cushions are made from polyurethanol (PU) foam, which is lighter and more stretchable than polyuretha (PU).

This means the cushion will stretch out more when the shoe is put on and will feel softer than the more traditional polyureths.

The shoes are available now for $200 in pairs and $280 for the “Premium” or “Sport” models.

While Burberry is selling the new Burberry shoes for less, it is also launching a new range of men’s sneakers that feature new, premium materials, such as “premium polyurea” and “premier mesh” that are made with a higher-quality material called “polyurethanes.”

The new men’s line also features a new color called “Burberry Sport,” which is a slightly red-colored version of the color that has become synonymous with Burberry sneakers over the past year.

This new Burffy Sport is available in a number of colors and will be available on June 6.

You can buy the Burberry Sport shoes online at Burberry and at retail outlets like Nordstrom.

Burwood’s new women’s line has been on sale for about a month.

Burman’s men’s lines are also available online.