The new ‘The Hunger Games’ trailer: We finally see Katniss and Peeta in their final moments

In the first trailer for the new film “The Hunger Game: Mockingjay – Part 2,” the titular trio, now a married couple, are seen walking into the courtyard of their own home in Atlanta, Georgia.

The scene opens with Katnids husband, Gale, holding his arms out for the camera to capture their moment.

We finally get to see Katrins first love and her final moments, as she struggles to keep her eyes closed as she waits for the rest of the cast to return from their holiday trip to France. 

In the trailer, Gale is shown to be crying, as he is unable to keep his eyes open. 

At the end of the trailer we see Peeta holding the baby she brought to their wedding and says, “I can’t believe this is happening to me,” and his eyes well up with tears.

Katniss, who is sitting with her arms folded in front of her, has tears rolling down her face, as Gale says, “You know, she said we could go back to our house.

We were supposed to get married at the end.”

Gale also states, “When she said I could go home, I was just like, ‘No way, I’m not going home.’

She didn’t even say goodbye to me.

I just thought she was going to take me away.”

When we last saw Katnid, she was in the middle of a conversation with Peeta, who was holding a baby who was being carried by two men, when Gale broke the news to the two men that he was going home to Paris.

Katnida’s reaction was immediate, and her first reaction was to hug Peeta.

Gale says that he and Peetas children are now being held captive in Paris.

Peeta, however, says that they don’t have a choice, and says that the other two men will be waiting for them in Paris, and that they need to get out of here. He says,  “We can’t stay here, so we’re going back.

We have to leave.

I have to go home.”

The two men then take off towards the gates of Paris.

Gale then looks up at Katniddes husband, and then back at his wife, and exclaims, We are going home, Peeta!

We see Peetaspat then run down the steps of the house, and we see Katndes baby being carried away by a man. 

When Peetaps wife says that Gale is gone, Gale says in a low voice, “What happened to you?

You’re gone!” 

As Peeta runs towards his wife and asks her, “Where are you?” 

Gale says,   “I’m in the back.”

Peetas wife says,    “No, no, no.

You’re not gone.”

Peeta runs over and grabs Gale, who then grabs Peet as well. 

We see the baby crying as Gale grabs Gale and we hear Peeta say, “Please, don’t do this, Peet.” 

We then see Peets wife hold the baby and cry, as Peet runs off into the crowd, leaving Gale to hold the child and cry himself to sleep.

We then see the couple running off into Paris.