Basketball shoe company, Slip-Resistant, introduces new basketball shoes

The shoe company Slip Resistant has introduced a pair of basketball shoes for the masses that slip resistant to the elements.

The new shoe, called the Nike Air, comes in four colors, and will be available to order at select Nike stores and online.

The shoe is available for preorder starting today at and will ship to customers in December.

The shoes are also available in the US on and

Slip Resistance will launch the shoes at select retailers around the world in December, and the company says they will be the first to arrive in Canada.

The Air is a slip resistant basketball shoe that offers a range of features that includes an elasticized midsole and the ability to slip on and off, as well as a waterproofing system.

Slide-resistant shoes have been a staple of the sneaker scene for a few years now.

Nike and Adidas are among the first shoe companies to market a basketball shoe with slip-resistant technology, and many other companies have been testing the technology for years.