Allbirds Shoes,Slip Resistant Shoes Set – Black (B6)

Allbirds shoes are renowned for their unique and comfortable designs.

The iconic shoe has been a trademark of Italian company Allbirds for nearly 50 years.

Now, the shoe is being reborn in a new range for 2018 with a new black colour scheme, Slip resistant rubber sole, and a slimmer fit.

Allbirds has also teamed up with Dansko to bring these new shoes to the US and Canada.

The new Black Allbirds shoe comes with a Black logo insole and black rubber sole.

The black colour palette is a nod to the company’s iconic Blackbirds colour scheme.

All birds is known for its high quality products, including its shoe range and leather products.

We hope to see more of the new Allbirds range, and will keep you up-to-date on the latest news.