Hey Dude Shoes, Nike Training Shoes to get NHL coverage

Hey Dude Sports, the company that manufactures the iconic shoe with Adidas, announced it will get NHL-branded shoes this fall.

The company said it will unveil the new line of shoes in mid-October.

The first pair will be sold at the NBA and NHL draft combine events and will be available for $100.

They will be limited to 20 pairs worldwide.

“The NHL is known for bringing a unique and engaging story and we are thrilled to continue to support the league and its great players,” said Mark Miller, general manager of Hey Dude.

“We know there are fans in the NHL who are excited to get their first chance to see these new Hey Dude shoes.”

The company also announced that it will begin selling shoes for the NHL’s annual All-Star Game in New York in 2019.

The NHL will also host a three-day fan event in Chicago in February 2019.