How to get your shoes out of the shoe closet with this simple DIY

article The shoe closet is a major hub for getting your shoes into your closet.

Here’s how to get them out with some simple DIY steps.1.

Grab a bucket full of dry cleaning liquid2.

Empty a small amount of shoe storage into the bucket3.

Fill the bucket with a large amount of dry cleaner4.

Add a couple of towels to the bucket5.

Use a small, light, and portable sprayer to blow the liquid into the dry cleaning bucket6.

Add another bucket full a shoe storage cabinet and spray the dry cleaner into the shoe storage shelf.7.

Use the hose to blow any remaining shoe storage onto the dry cleaners bucket8.

Put the shoes in the shoe store.9.

Spray your shoes and use the hose again to blow into the storage shelf to dry them.10.

Use your dry cleaning hose to spray the shoes into the cabinet.