When Christian Louboutins shoes fail to fit…

When Christian Louboutins Shoes failed to fit Christian Loubs shoes, the entrepreneur turned to his two young daughters for help.

“My wife was so sad and I was thinking that this could have been a really bad moment for my family,” he said.

But the shoes never came.

“I was devastated, my children were crying, I couldn’t take it anymore,” he told Al Jazeera.

“I couldn’t understand why they weren’t wearing their shoes, but it’s the truth, I’m really sad,” he added.

“For us it was really hard to accept it.

I had never seen my family in such a bad way before, and it’s really hard when you have children who are so different to the other children in their household.”

Louboutis, who was born in Tunisia and now lives in Switzerland, was inspired to start Christian Loubers Shoes after his daughter died in 2014.

“It’s just a normal family thing.

We’re all the same,” he explained.”

When I saw her in the hospital, I knew that she was in really bad shape, she was bleeding badly, she had lost a lot of weight and had some problems.”

So I thought, why don’t we make shoes to help the little ones?

“It was a little too late, the shoes are not even on the market yet,” he recalled.

The founder of Christian Louberks Shoes, a footwear company founded in 1998, says he has never been more proud of his business.

“To be able to have my kids and all my staff be happy is something that I never thought I would be able do,” he concluded.